Designing gardens in the Salisbury area for 21 years

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"Thank you for the plans, my wife and I are really impressed with your layout and the plans are a work of art in their own right. We can not wait to make a start and we are more than happy to source all the plants via you."

JM, May 2015

Many of us would like our gardens to be a place to relax. But all too often it isn't like that. Do any of these ring true?

  • You love plants but don't really know their names or which ones would grow well in your garden
  • You have moved to a new house and have a lot of ideas for the garden which need a bit of organising
  • You might be able to enjoy gardening if you seemed to be making some progress instead of battling the same tasks every time
  • You don't want to spend long on the garden but would like it to be at least a presentable space
  • You are convinced yours is the garden which can never grow anything other than weeds
  • Your garden looked good years ago but everything seems to have out grown its space
  • Your garden just doesn't work – everything is in the wrong place and there isn't even a level area to put a seat

I can help you achieve the garden you would like to have.