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I am always happy to tailor the services I can provide to meet your requirements - I can provide a range of services to help you.  I believe you will will find me very approachable and I would not want anyone to think that their project was too small to merit consideration.  There is no typical garden but many projects follow a pattern something like this -


Full design package

I begin by making an initial visit without obligation to discuss your ideas and talk about how the garden might develop.  I show you some of the garden plans I have produced together with photographs of my work through each stage.

At this stage I am keen to hear how you would like to use your garden - perhaps as a space for entertaining guests, a home for a prized plant collection, an area for children's games.  I also like to hear what features you would particularly wish to include and any style preferences, likes and dislikes.  I then write with an estimate of the cost of my design work and if you ask me to proceed I return to make a thorough survey of the garden in its current form.  Having drawn this up I produce several draft designs for you to consider.  We meet to discuss your thoughts and to decide on the final layout.  I then draw up a construction plan with any specifications needed by contractors (or by you if you are planning to undertake all the work yourselves) together with a planting design with costings.  I can suggest contractors for you to contact for estimates for any paving or building work to be undertaken. Once the hard landscaping is done the plants can be introduced.  I am able to supply the plants for your garden at a competitive price and willingly undertake the planting work myself, or if you prefer  I will work alongside you. You may well be surprised at how rapidly the newly planted garden becomes established.  With the correct choice of plants and good soil preparation the garden will move very quickly from the rather stark appearance when building work has just been completed to a colourful planted space full of interest and texture.

My design work for this Full Design Package usually costs between £400 and £900 depending on the complexity of the site. 



 Advisory visit  £70 - £100
 Planting design  £80 - £150
 Garden survey and notes    £180 - £300
 Full design package   £400 - £900


Advisory visit

You may prefer me to make an advisory visit to answer your questions about looking after your garden.  We would take a thorough look around, and I would make some recommendations about its care and development and provide you with a written report; depending on size of garden, this is likely to cost £70 - £100.

Planting design

Perhaps you have created a new area to plant and simply require a planting design.  Again, I am happy to help.  My charge for this will be very much dependent on the total area but is likely to be £80 - £150.

Garden survey and notes

You may find it useful to have a survey made of your garden with the plants named on the plan, together with care notes so you are clear about what needs to be done and when.  This is likely to cost £180 - £300.

Garden design gift vouchers

As an exciting and creative surprise for a garden-lover, any of the services above can be presented in the form of a pre-paid gift voucher, to be redeemed within 12 months of payment.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.