Designing gardens in the Salisbury area for 21 years

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"You thoughtfully and expertly incorporated all our ideas for our garden.  We now have a peaceful, relaxing and beautiful new garden full of our favourite colours and perfumes.  It is a joy to sit in and so easy to maintain."

J&MK, April 2013

Project One

This garden lacked sunny planting spaces and was
very much dominated by large trees outside the
boundary and by the remaining stumps of some that
had been felled within the garden itself. Grass did
not grow well and the layout of beds lacked
cohesion. As the garden can be viewed from several
storeys up it was particularly important to design a
strong ground plan. With the lawn and root-filled
raised beds removed, greater space was created and
plants selected for the challenges of the site. The
opportunities for vertical planting have also been
exploited fully.

Example landscape concept oneExample landscape concept two

Project Two

With a drop of more than a metre from the house to the back fence, this garden had an uncomfortable feeling of slipping away from the house and offered very limited space to stand or sit.  Dealing with the levels was the greatest challenge, retaining the soil at various points to create a flat lawn and new planting spaces.

Before project twoProject two after

Project Three (front garden):

This small front garden was not the easiest spot to mow and the owners recognised that the garden could present a far more interesting and attractive face than it was currently doing.  Working around the existing tree, the design created retained planting areas, in-filled with topsoil which gave the plants a better chance to thrive. Plants were selected to succeed in chalky soil and to give a succession of interest with both foliage and flower colour and a variety of forms and textures.

Project Four (back garden):

For a plant-lover this garden was proving an unrewarding space where effort was not repaid with interesting results. The old layout was rather static and lacked interest. A sunny seating area was required, some more space for climbers, a new tree, more winter interest and the opportunity to move and re-use some much loved plants. The new design broke up the garden in to two areas with access via the planted arch from the shadier part in to the sun. Planting areas were extended and new planting designed and a garden created to delight all year round.


Project Five (sloped and shaded back garden)

This small North facing plot offered little to encourage out-door relaxation. By creating a larger level patio, introducing light coloured materials and a permanent circular seating area the garden can now be enjoyed for many months of the year.

Project5 before

Project5 planProject5 after

Project Six (L-shaped new-build garden):

This garden was truly a blank canvas and a generous sized plot too. Planted in autumn 2016 the garden has been zoned for entertaining, a more intimate sitting area and for children’s play. Repetition in planting simplifies maintenance, appreciates the textures of each type and ensures clean lines and a modern feel.

Project6 beforeProject6 after