Designing gardens in the Salisbury area for 21 years

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"Thank you for your splendid design and expert planting plan.  With the recent rain the garden is already looking lovely.  I know that it will give me great pleasure to watch it grow and develop."

CF, April 2013

Welcome to Susan Hampton Garden Plans

I have been working in garden design since 2001 and my work takes me across Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire and on occasions further afield. My website explains the work I can undertake and will show you a selection of the gardens I have worked on with views before work began for comparison. I trust you will find the information you need here.


Many of us are noticing our gardens and enjoying time spent outside more than ever before. We are realising that our gardens are an ideal space in which to spend our leisure time and one which will do much for our mental well-being. But are you wondering what you should be doing now to ensure a lovely garden to enjoy?

If you are thinking of a complete redesign I can definitely help there – but if you just need some advice and information I can help there too. 

  • Identifying plants, learning how to prune them, deciding on priority tasks and putting together an action plan to undertake yourselves can be very useful.
  • Just get in touch and we can discuss what’s needed.
  • For those who have to be particularly careful about their health, our consultation can take place wherever you feel most comfortable – remotely, outdoors or inside.
  • Do not hesitate to say what works best for you. I can follow a visit with notes for your ongoing guidance.